Hong Kong Type in The Netherlands

Hong Kong Type in the Netherlands

Contents in the website come from my master thesis “Hong Kong Type in The Netherlands”. Please kindly inform the author before citation and give credit to the source.

Historical background

In the 19-century Dutch East Indies, the need for Chinese types derived from the colonial government’s desirability of Chinese interpreters. 

A history: how HK Type came to the Netherlands

In three reports (from 1855 to 1859), Johann Hoffmann explained his reasons and plans for purchasing Chinese movable lead types. 

Johann Joseph Hoffmann

Johann Hoffmann, Professor of Sinology and Japanese Studies at Leiden University, advocated the purchase of Chinese lead movable types.

Examination of the Hong Kong Types and mtrices

This article shows a detailed discription of the Hong Kong Type (matrices) collection in the Volkenkunde Museum at Leiden, the Netherlands.

Samuel Dyer

Samuel Dyer, a British missionary of the London Missionary Society in Penang and Malacca, was the founding father of Hong Kong Type. 

The rediscovery of Hong Kong Type in the NL

A serendipitous opportunity has led to the rediscovery of the Hong Kong Type that had lain dormant in the depot of Volkenkunde Museum for 40 years.

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